The Primary Causes Of Sore Testicles

The two primary causes of sore testicles are trauma and soreness due to an underlying disorder. The testicles are among the most sensitive organs in the male body and can become sore and painful even under conditions of moderate pressure being applied. The testicles hang from the lower abdomen but are attached by a nerve-rich cord called the spermatic cord, the nerve endings being a principal reason behind the sensitivity of the testicles. When trauma is involved, it is quite obvious where the source of pain and later soreness comes from, but when the testicles become sore for no apparent reason it's important to determine the cause.

When trauma is involved the soreness may last for several days while damaged tissues heal, but if the soreness does not go away or a lump starts to form in the scrotum, it's a good idea to seek medical attention.

Testicular Torsion - There are several causes of sore testicles that are not the result of trauma and can be traced to the urinary tract, the bladder or the kidneys. In addition, the fact that the testicles hang more or less freely from a cord, makes them susceptible to torsion or sharp twisting movements which can result in injury. If the testicles are twisted, an occurrence called testicular torsion, the blood supply which flows through the spermatic cord can be cut off. If this situation is temporary there may be no harm done, but if the blood supply does not resume fairly quickly, the tissues making up the testicle may begin to die. Testicular torsion can sometimes become a medical emergency. Torsion is sometimes experienced by newborns or very young infants, and occasionally by young boys, more so than by adult males.

Epididymitis - In adult men, one of the most common causes of sore testicles outside of trauma is a condition called epididymitis, an infection of the testicle. The epididymis is an organ at the upper rear of the testicle whose function is to store sperm. Besides being attached to the testicle itself, the epididymis is also connected to the wall of the scrotum, the sack-like tissue containing the testicles, and as such serves to keep the testicles from being twisted. In some men these connective tissues between the epididymis and the wall of the scrotum have an abnormality of one kind or another, increasing the possibility of testicular torsion being experienced at some point in time.

Epididymitis often is the result of a sexually transmitted disease, although in older men, enlargement of the prostrate is one of the causes of sore testicles as the enlargement can lead to epididymitis or simply put pressure on the spermatic cord.

Other Causes Of Sore Testicles - Other causes of sore testicles include inguinal hernia, orchitis, kidney stones, and a testicular tumor. An inguinal hernia results when a weakened area in the abdominal wall allows a portion of the intestine to protrude into the scrotum. Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles due to an infection. Orchitis is not quite the same as epididymitis, but the two infectious conditions do at times exist simultaneously. Ochitis often occurs after epididymitis if the latter is present and has not been treated. Orchitis can either be a viral or bacterial infection, but is most commonly a viral infection. Testicular tumors are fortunately rather rare, and may be malignant or benign. Tumors often cause swelling, and although they are one of the causes of sore testicles, soreness does not always accompany the swelling. Insofar as kidney stones are concerned, the pain they may cause in the testicles seldom is due to any disorder in the testicle itself, but is simply pain radiating from the point where the kidney stone may be causing a blockage.

Many instances of sore testicles require little in the way of medical attention, although in the case of infection, medication will likely be prescribed. Testicular torsion very often requires emergency surgery, and the presence of a tumor may require surgery as well.


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